In 2017 we started investigating the insect cultivation market. We soon came to the conclusion that there are few large-scale insect breeding equipment systems for sale. Existing systems are characterized by the great deal of manual work, especially when feeding. Insects and especially mealworms are grown in 60x40 cm trays.

Insects live in a climate that is characterized by a certain humidity and temperature. Heat is required at the initial stage. When mealworms get older, they crawl over each other and heat is created, which they cannot cope with. How nice it would be to be able to use that heat again for the small larvae in the early stages. An energy neutral solution would be ideal.

The idea arose to develop a system that would tie in with existing livestock farming. Often there is a shed or space available. There are also facilities (such as cold and hot water) that could be used. A poultry farmer can start breeding his own worms, which are fed back to his poultry. A piece of circular cultivation.

In principle, the starting point was that one person should be able to live from a nursery. If you would like to be larger, the system should be easy to scale up. The investment should remain within limits with a normal depreciation period.

We started using this data and a unique system was developed, which was ultimately patented. In the second half of 2018, a breeding / testing unit was built and tested in various variants. The results were very good, as confirmed by the experts. In 2019, it was decided to further develop the activities and place them in separate BVs (companies). The installation is further developed and professionalized. In early 2020 the first Demo farm will be launched, where potential customers can watch and experience how the system works, with all peripheral equipment.

Workshops on growing and growing mealworms can be given on request.

If the inspiration has been passed over, Ento Farm Equipment BV offers complete ready-made equipment turn-key to grow mealworms.

An Ento Farmer can realize joint purchasing and sales through Ento Farm Services BV. Knowledge is shared with each other. You can actively contribute to further developments.