The breeding system uses plastic containers in Euro pallet format. This makes handling easy and you can use existing logistics systems. The bins are in racks and provide the animals with the right climate.

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Even in the final phase when a lot of heat is being developed, there is an optimum climate. There is such a balance that little energy is needed for growing. Only when starting the culture will the necessary heat be "pumped in". Through various buffer vessels and a heat pump, there is a favorable energy balance.


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IMealworms crawl over each other in the last weeks of breeding and an excess of heat is created. The system provides cooling, so that the living environment remains excellent.

Good insulation of the space in which cultivation takes place remains an advantage. The installation can also generate enough cold in hot summer weeks so that the climate remains good.

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The feeding machine has been developed to accurately dose the correct amount of food at the development stage. Manual feeding is no longer necessary. Further steps are being processed to arrive at a fully automated feeding process.