In addition to the solutions already developed, customer-specific solutions are proposed. For example, a dairy farmer who is already equipped with heating and cooling installations can easily be connected to the modular system. The racks are built modular and are easy to expand.

In a start-up phase, you can choose to start a bit smaller and scale up later. Limiting factors are the length of the pipes and the height of the racks. After all, the longer the pipes become, the more pressure is needed. With many containers on top of each other, the racks have to be weighted, which does not benefit the modular construction.

3D Demofarm.jpg                    20211116_123755.jpg

We recommend dividing the space as follows: 2/3 for growing, 1/3 for collecting, sorting, setting up etc.

The technical space is also located in the front space. It is important to seal cracks and seams properly so that pests and insects do not enter from the outside.